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Guinea Soldiers Enjoyed Good Moments with Wives After The Coup

The female gender was created by God to calm and neutralize the more aggressive, daring, and adventurous nature of their male counterparts. Though very relax, the impact a woman has on a man cannot be quantified. The power of a woman can easily melt the hunger and tame the strongest of men. A soldier who has been drilled and developed into fearless, bold man who stops at nothing to protect the life and properties in his country, needs something out of this world to calm him down and keep his demeanor within normalcy.

The military in Guinea took over the management and administration of the country. President Alpha Conde was arrested with his government resolved. Despite the fear of the citizens and people on the continent at large, the military had assured that they only seized power to prevent the incumbent president from running a third term as he was aspiring to do. 

On the light part of the coup though is the significant role the women of Guinea played in calming down the "hot blood" of their significant others after the coup d'etat. Along the fast-spreading news of the coup and what the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, intends to do about it, is the heart-melting pictures of the romantic moments wives of the soldiers give their husbands good treats.

We hope that tempers are calm and measures are put in place to ensure our sister nation gets the best for its citizens.

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