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Meet the Soldier who is marrying his Ex and Bride Today which people are calling "Clash of Titans"

Lady claims she spends 30,000+ Ghana cedis on a guy who is now soldier man, whom she helped get admission at the Ghana Airforce base at Takoradi . But he dumped her when he is about to complete his training and went in for a another lady and they are getting married at Obuasi today the 20th of March 2021.

The story has been confusing per since the Soldier man also tells a different story.

Richmond (soldier man) says his Ex (Madam 30,000 Gh) is a pathological liar. And that she dumped him painfully which made him nearly commit suicide and finally he found love again on Facebook and is getting married today and that his Ex is just jealous.

Now the Ex has promised to storm the wedding venue today with Ghana police to get her 30,000 from the Soldier or the he will marry them both (the ex and the bride)

See the soldier latest Post below

This means the soldier is ready for anything his ex is bringing to his wedding and he is not afraid.

The guy's friends (soldiers) also say they are ready to meet them! Boot for Boot! This is the full story summarized above. Well I think this is a crash of the Titans and Obuasi will be the center of attraction today.

Do you think is right for the lady to do this if the Man (the Soldier) really dumped her for another girl?

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