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Know The Military Barracks In Ghana.

The Armed Forces or the military is the defensive organ responsible for protecting a country against any internal or external attacks. In Ghana, the military or armed forces is established by the constitution of the country. The Armed Forces Act 1962, ACT 105 defines the rules and arrangements of the functions of the armed forces. The Military or Armed Forces is composed of the Army who are responsible for defense on the ground, the Air Force who are responsible for defense in the air space and lastly the Navy who are also responsible for defense in the water various bodies. The Armed Forces is very vital such that some countries like China ensure that almost every citizen of that country must go to the military academy at an age to acquire military skills.

Some Ghanaians are not so conversant with the various military barracks in the country, however, in this article the military barracks found in the country are listed. The military barracks are places where military men live, store their ammunations ,and other powerful arms and carry carry on their training activities. Below are the various military barracks in Ghana.

1.Kamina Barracks (6th Battalion of Infantry; 6Bn) in Tamale.

2.Battalion of infantry, Michel Camp in Tema.

3.Battalion of infantry, Arakan Barracks, Burma Camp.

4.48 Regiment , Wajir Barracks Teshie.

5.64 infantry regiments, Gondar Barracks,

6.66 Artilerry regiment, Volta Barracks , Ho.

7.Armed recce regiment, Gondar barracks Burma Camp.

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