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Ghanaians Mock Giovani for Taking Picture with the Tallest Military Man

The whole of Ghana, military men exude the greatest fear in town. Their strength from long barracks training make them inhumanely mean and in Ghana, the slightest mistake will land you a slap. So, imagine when a military man weighs 84 and 7.4 feet tall. Now, that’s a hell of a man.

This is the kind of man Giovanni Caleb took a picture with. Funny enough, Giovanni Caleb is only 5.9 feet tall and whatever he weighs cannot make him fit enough to stand the military man here. This made Ghanaians describe the duo as David and Goliath. And if you’re quite familiar with the story in the bible about David and Goliath, you will definitely understand what I am talking about.

David was the Israelite’s smallest boy who took a decision to fight the 9 feet tall Goliath of Philistine. Well, the military man in question is Major Satekla and he is the tallest man in the Ghana military.


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