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5 pictures showing Ghana Army on training, which of them do you think is the hardest?

Many people like the lifestyle of the military, especially when they are on the parade. The love for our Army Corps and their lifestyle prompt me to showcase some of their parade pictures in this maiden article.

Before I go ahead to drop some parade pictures of the Ghanaian Army in this article, I would like to use this recourse to tell you a little of what you may not know about the Ghanaian Army.

Ghana Army was established in the year 1959, and they are the grand warfare organizational military branch of the Ghanaian Armed Forces.

The above picture is a familiar logo of the Ghana Army.

Based on the topic of this article, I want to use this opportunity to show you some of the training pictures of the Ghana Army which should leave you with the knowledge that these soldiers are well trained. Below are some of the pictures:

This is one of the common training Of the Ghana Army. You can see the army as he is climbing the twisted lines.I believe that these soldiers above are learning how to fix a gun and their trainer Is watching from behind. Did you see this one, they are running on an arranged car tires.

Did you see this one? One soldier is trying to receive the other one with the help of a rope.

This picture that you are seeing above is one of the important routines. I think this is to get them equipped so that they could carry their soldier if he gets injured.

Which of these above pictures will you point out as the hardest?

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