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Ghanaians Massively React After Top Security Expert Finally Revealed That Terrorists Are In Ghana

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The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute of Security, Disaster and Emergency Studies, Dr. Ishmael Norman have recently sparked a massive stir, debates, and arguments across all social media platforms after he revealed that, terrorists have finally arrived in Ghana.

Speaking to the media on the alarming issue, Dr. Ishmael Norman urged Ghanaians to act in ways that will prevent individuals from falling victim to these terrorist attacks amongst others.

“They are not just near Ghana, they are in Ghana. Some of them will even marry Ghanaian men and women. We have to assume that they are already here. The National Security warning is a good one. I believe the terrorists are already in Ghana”, Dr. Ishmael Norman emphatically revealed.

Upon the unexpected news that popped up online, most Ghanaians took the privilege to express their immense disappointment aside from sharing their thoughts and opinions over the alarming issue.

Below is a look at some of the comments that came through as individuals shared their respective opinions and concerns over the terrorists attack brouhaha.

From the above comments, we can notice that most individuals were undoubtedly surprised upon witnessing the unexpected news whilst others stated otherwise.

Do you believe that terrorists are already in the country as revealed by the security expert, Dr. Ishmael Norman even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What do you think the National Security Agency can implement to prevent any security breach or terrorist attack on the country even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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