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Secret Video of Soldiers on Street Rampage in Wa pops up

Another unfortunate incident involving the army which happened has hit mainstream media, but this time, it involved not guns but rather physical abuse, in the form of slaps and blows.

This was uncovered in a secret video that was recorded by an onlooker as soldiers stormed the streets to physically assault civilians.

Per the caption on the video, which is fast spreading on social media, it is alleged that a phone had gone missing and as a result, the suspects were being handed instant justice by the soldiers on the street.

Below are a few scenes from the video we sighted.

The number of people who were assaulted and the identity of the soldiers are not know at the time, neither the identity of those being assaulted.

Which ever way, more information will be made known as time goes by.

We entreat all to safe and stay away from trouble.

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