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Meet the soldier who is also a model

Soldiers play a very vital role in keeping and maintaining the peace within countries. We do smile in our homes but upon facing the reality, some people are crying out loud at a certain undisclosed place just to see us smile.

Some have been murdered in cold blood, some have lost some of their body parts through war and finally but sadly, most of them have left this world in an uncomfortable manner.

The number of soldiers who have lost their lives in no man's land just because they wanted to ensure the peace and sound mind of the people in their country are just overwhelming. They were trained to kill and be killed and guess what, these men and women don't care dying for their country.

I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about soldiers. To make it brief, this article is going to be about a beautiful American soldier who aside being a soldier, is also a model.

Her name is Shakeema C. Lowery but her followers on social media, Instagram to be precise knows her as Keema Cherelle.

Never had I seen a soldier who is also a model till this lady came up. Keema resides in San Antonio, Texas in the United States of America and she is a member of the United States Air Force.

I am very happy women empowerment has been taken seriously in the world. She is very famous on Instagram and has as many as 505K followers. Imagine having this magnitude of people following you, this shows you really put a great deal of work into your craft.

Keema aside being a soldier and a model is also a fitness trainer. She has always believed in the hustle and doesn't rely on only one job. Looking at the picture below, one can tell she puts a great deal of work in maintaining that shape.

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American Shakeema C. Lowery


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