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Russia is plunging into chaos, - Polish special services

Russia is plunging into chaos, - Polish special services

Mass detentions in Moscow, panic actions of the internal services, raids on the streets, fires destroying Russian cities, explosions at military bases - the latest data indicate that Russia is sinking into chaos, - said the Commissioner of the Polish government for the security of information space Stanisław Żaryn.

Żaryn stressed that the economic crisis is growing in Russia, and the state is unable to provide its citizens with even basic services.

"The war waged against Ukraine is weakening Russia. This is good news," the Polish official added.

Also, Ukrainian intelligence records the intensification of the resistance movement in Russia.

On the night of January 4, unknown guerrillas stopped the movement of trains and military echelons on a section of the Trans-Siberian Railway near Krasnoyarsk.

In four days this year, this is the sixth case of blocking the railway, which leads to disruptions in the schedules of military echelons. In 2022, there were about 40 such cases, and railway transformers and locomotives were also destroyed. The General Directorate of Intelligence noted that a significant intensification of rail guerrillas in Russia occurred after the announcement of partial mobilization.

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