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Nigeria: Boko Haram Jihadists Attacks President's Convoy And Breaks Out Their Comrades

News coming out of Nigeria today Wednesday 6th July 2022, indicates that suspected Boko Haram jihadists using guns and explosives blasted their way into a prison in Nigeria's capital, a few kilometers from the Presidential residence, freeing dozens of their jailed comrades and hundreds of other inmates.

The Kuje prison where they blasted their way to free dozens of other jailed Boko Haram jihadists and hundreds of other prisoners is the most secured Maximum security prison in Nigeria.

Some Nigerians are pointing out that it is categorically impossible to attack the most secure maximum security prison in Nigeria, breach its Central Terrorism Unit and free all Boko Haram inmates there without internal collusion. This was based on the fact that the former Defence Minister Theophilus Danjuma once said "they collude", referring to Boko Haram jihadists.

Meanwhile, the current Minister of Defence, Bashir Magashi, has told Daily Trust that none of the Boko Haram suspects detained at Kuje prison was found after the attack. This has heightened fears of more impending Terrorist attacks in the country since the prison they broke into is located inside the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja - the most secured section of the whole Nigeria - and walked away with their members.

Interestingly, barely 24 hours before the attacks, a Nigeria Minister, Lai Mohammed, disclosed that 1600 ‘Repentant’ Boko Haram Terrorists Had Learned trades, and are now back into Society for reintegration.

Another shocking twist is that there are some purported reports of the Kuje prison warders saying Boko Haram stole thousands of dollars during the attack. This raises questions - is the Prison a Bank? This smacks of a whiff of corruption.

It is not all bleak. There is some good news. Recent updates on the matter indicate that out of about 994 inmates, 350 escapees have been recaptured, and 450 are still at large.

The two attacks are believed to have been well planned and coordinated. Thus, while Boko Haram was attacking Kuje prison, Buhari’s advance team was being attacked in Katsina as well.

The state's security has started with some measures to mitigate possible further attacks. The FCTA ordered all parks in FCT to close by 7 pm, and some street lights in the FCT to be turned off.

However, a section of the public still believes the suspected terrorists had a deal with the government and have taken to various social media platforms to express their views.

President Buhari has also expressed shock and disappointment in the security intelligence and has indicated he is waiting for a report.

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