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The Most Peaceful Country on Earth- Iceland

The Most Peaceful Country on Earth- Iceland 

Reasons Why Iceland is so Special 

Iceland is turning into an inexorably well known spot to visit. Everyone has their own purposes behind visiting the place where there is fire and Ice, yet we have assembled a rundown of ten reasons why Iceland is so uncommon and novel. 

10. Everyone is Related 

Icelanders can follow their family line to the year 874 when Iceland was first settled. With Iceland being such a little and far off island, individuals just dated other Icelandic individuals some time ago. Icelanders have made a family history database called "The Book of Icelanders", which covers the whole country. That database is currently on the web, so every Icelandic individual can check how they are identified with some other Icelandic individual. 

9. A great deal of Icelandic individuals put stock in mythical people 

In a 2006 investigation of Icelandic individuals, 55,5% of members said that mythical beings either perhaps exist, are probably going to exist, or certainly exists. The Icelandic stories about trolls and mythical beings are exceptionally old, yet they despite everything figure out how to live on as the years progressed. Despite the fact that numerous Icelandic individuals are not sure that mythical people exist, a great many people are not ready to preclude the chance from securing their reality. 

8. Iceland is the Most Peaceful Country on Earth 

As per the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the most serene nation on earth. Iceland has no military, naval force, or aviation based armed forces, and Iceland's cops don't convey weapons. The nation has an extremely low crime percentage, so low truth be told, that moms will leave their little youngsters unattended outside resting in buggies while they go out on the town to shop or to bistros. 

7. World's First Parliament 

The Icelandic national parliament (Althingi) was established in 930 at Thingvellir. Althingi was the main parliament to be made on the planet. Some time ago, the parliament was an open air get together where Icelandic pioneers chose Icelandic law. The parliament remained in Thingvellir until the year 1798. Presently Thingvellir is an UNESCO World Heritage Site dependent on noteworthy and geologic measures. You can go investigate Thingvellir and its encompassing region in our Golden Circle 

6. The Women's Strike 

On October 24th in the year 1975, Icelandic ladies chose to picket. The ladies were battling for equivalent rights for the sexual orientations. Pretty much every lady in the country wouldn't cook, work, or take care of kids that day. The nation couldn't get by without the ladies, and the workforce was totally deadened. After five years, Iceland chose a female president, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, who turned into the primary fairly chose female president on the planet. Today, Iceland has the littlest sexual orientation hole on the planet. 

5. Icelandic Phone book 

Pretty much everyone that lives in Iceland, is in the Icelandic telephone directory. That incorporates everybody from legislators to famous people. The telephone directory is arranged by people groups first names. The telephone directory doesn't just surrender everyone's telephone numbers, yet additionally their personal residences. Envision having the option to look into your state government officials in the telephone directory and halting by their home for a little while. In Iceland, you can (yet a great many people don't). 

4. Anyone can Walk up to the President's Home 

The leader of Iceland lives on Bessastadir. His living arrangement is just a couple of moment drive from the capital, Reykjavik. There is no security encompassing the presidential parcel, and anyone can approach the president's entryway and thump on the off chance that they needed to. Numerous individuals go there to take pictures, since this is exceptionally remarkable. 

3. Icelandic People are perhaps the most joyful individuals in the World 

As per the World Happiness Report, Icelanders are the third most joyful individuals on the planet. The World Happiness Report depends on GDP per capita, future, social help, opportunity to settle on life decisions, liberality, and "everything else". Icelandic individuals have figured out how to keep up their joy levels considerably after the staggering monetary emergency that influenced such huge numbers of in 2007. 

2. Icelanders are extraordinary at sports 

Iceland soccer fans cheering

Iceland has just around 320.000 habitants, yet by one way or another Iceland figures out how to contend at the high level in such a significant number of games. Iceland has an enormous game culture and have figured out how to accomplish incredibly in sports. Here are four instances of Iceland's numerous accomplishments in the wearing scene. 

• Icelandic ladies have multiple times earned the title "The Fittest On Earth" when they arrived in the lead position at the Cross-Fit World Championships. 

• Iceland won silver in the 2008 Olympics in men's handball. 

• Iceland as of late presentation in the UEFA European Championship (Men's Soccer) and figured out how to make it right to the quarterfinals. The ladies' national soccer group likewise made it to the quarterfinals in 2013. 

• Fanney Hauksdottir as of late turned into the female youth best on the planet in seat press. 

1. Icelandic Nature 

A most unique aspect concerning Iceland is its tendency. It's radiant. Iceland has everything from volcanoes to fountains. Icelandic nature is so various and lovely that it has enlivened and affected individuals for quite a long time. Here are a portion of the visits we offer on the off chance that you need to see with your own eyes why Iceland is so special.

See the amazing pictures of Iceland's landscape

Ice cave

Gullfoss- northern-lights-rainbow


Strokku geysers

Ice cave

Diamond beach



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