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Video : Israel Is Under Heavy Rocket Attacks

Israel is under rocket attacks, Tel Aviv is now opening public bomb shelters. Holon is opening bomb shelters.

Thousands of Israelis are now now getting up from the Shabbat dinner running for their lives trying to find shelter. The military wing of the Islamic Jihad in an official announcement said:

"As part of our response to the assassination of Taisir al-Jabari, we launched more than 100 rockets at Tel Aviv and centeral Israel."

While militants in Gaza fire dozens of missiles at Israeli civilians, Israel's Iron Dome protects innocent lives.

According to the Israel Foreign affairs , 100 rockets have been fired at Israel in less than an hour. Although Israel has the Iron Dome system which is shooting down the Rockets otherwise there would have been thousands of dead Israelis, yet many of them are running for their lives.

According to the Israel Foreign Affairs Ministry, they will not allow terror to prevail.

You may watch the video of the attacks by clicking on the blue link.

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