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Bawku is a war zone:Kaziyiri Bonaa

Bawku is a War zone.Bawku peace dialogue with the heads of security and ministers was great, Ministery of interior and defense, the IGP and Chief of defense staff -CDS led the delegation . Took off from the airforce base Accra by 7am landed in Tamale military Airforce base around 8:20am went straight into waiting military helicopter for another 1hr flight in the noisy chopper landing at the 11th Mechanize Battalion military camp in Bawku around 10am. Met the troops for a short briefing before heading straight into the Bawku Naaba’s Palace for our first engagement, subsequently met the Kusasi youth before heading to the leaders and elders of the Mamprusi’s for another round of engagements. They finally met the Mamprusi youth around 4:30pm. They Eventually departed to accra around 7pm and landing around 8:20pm. They landed with empty stomachs in Bawku and returned without eating anything through out the day.

Another round of engagements likely to take place in oct 2022. It’s a needless conflict , the killing of innocent people in Bawku must stop. Mamprusis and Kusasi can’t go into each other’s community/territory , if you cross mistakenly you will be killed.

Note: The people of Bawku feel very neglected. Bawku remains and will also remain an important part of this country . Once a vibrant thriving commercial hub of this country has now become a WAR ZONE where guns and conflict dominate. I must congratulate the ministers of interior,defense,IGP, CDS , UE regional minister ,the MCE of Bawku and all the others for the various parts they all played in this peace dialogue initiative, first of its kind for decades. Hopeful in oct 2022 the second peace dialogue would take place. The guns must be put down.

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Bawku Kaziyiri Bonaa Kusasi Mamprusi


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