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Check Out What Happened That Led To The First World War

On June 28, 1924, Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip shot and assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, who were heirs to the Austro-Hungarian throne at the time. 

Image Credit: reports that Gavrilo Princip and other nationalists in Bosnia, Serbia, and Herzegovina at the time wanted to abolish Austria-Hungarian authority of the region. 

Because they perceived an opportunity to extinguish Serbian nationalism once and for all by killing Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the Austro-Hungarian government blames the Serbian government of carrying out the assassination. 

This meant that Russia was in support of Serb nationalism, but Austria-Hungary held off on declaring war on Serbia until they could be confident that Germany would give them their dinner. 

Since Russia was supporting Serbia, the Austro-Hungarian empire feared that France and even Great Britain might support Serbia if Russia's allies, such as Russia's allies France and Great Britain, supported Serbia. 

Once the allies of Austro-Hungary and Germany declared war on the allied forces after around a week's time, things got really bad in the First World War. 

Many fights and advances by the German troops, which possessed a big army and soldiers, were witnessed during the war, leaving death and ruin in the wake of anyone who stood in their way. 

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There were many wars happening on, but America remained neutral and sent humanitarian relief to countries in need while the First Battle of Marne, Eastern Front, and the Russian Revolution were all taking place. 

German submarines deployed to sink both military, cargo, and civilian ships in U.S. waters pulled the United States into the war. After a German submarine sank about five American commercial ships on April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson of the United States declared war on Germany. 

A Paris peace conference was held in 1919 after the war had raged on until 1918, when the leaders of the countries involved agreed. After Globe War I, the conference's purpose was not only to end the conflict but also to keep the world safe from future conflicts. 

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The Treaty of Versatility was signed on June 28, 1919, and the League of Nations was established in 1920 to prevent future hostilities. 

Despite this, Germany felt as if they had been duped into signing the treaty to end the war because Germany was not allowed to join the League of Nations. 

According to the, Germany's exclusion from the League of Nations sparked feelings of animosity and suspicion among Germans at the time. Adolf Hitler canceled Germany's membership in the League of Nations in 1933, although Germany was eventually allowed to join the League of Nations in 1926. 

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About 9 million soldiers were killed in the First World War, while about 20 million soldiers were injured. 

It's not to incite animosity among people from other countries; rather, history books about World War One and its causes are meant to educate the public. Readers are urged to read this article for reference and educational purposes.

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