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Cemetery now used for football park. Families storm there for the remains of their decease relatives

Ghana is the most exciting country in the world. I always thank God for bringing me here. There are a lot of interesting stuffs that do happens in this country. Do you know the popular dancing pallbearers are from Ghana. Now, the whole world knows these people and is a plus for Ghana. What has happens this afternoon that has left me in shock? Get a class of water and let me serve you with the trending news.

Do you know that some family relatives have gone for the remainings of the deceased members. What really happened? According to sources,the families went to the cemetery with coffins because part of the cemetery is reclaimed by the traditional leaders. Family relatives got mad as a result of the reclaimation by the Chief and queen mother of the area to create a space for another project.

Where did it happened? This interesting story happened in Diabene in the Essikadu-Ketan constituency in the Western region. In a video trending,a backhoe loader breaking the graves to exhume the bodies while residents wait with coffins in hand to pick up the remains of the dead relatives. Drop your comments below.

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Diabene Essikadu-Ketan Ghana


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