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Did You Know That The Ewes Were Part Of The Hebrews When Nebuchadnezzar Conquered The Hebrews?

Togbe Kumassah has said that just like any other ethnic group, the Ewes migrated from different lands and areas before their final settlement in the Volta Region.

According to him, the Anlos as a sub group in Ewe has three stories that trace to their origin. The first traces their origin to the list Continent, the second to the Hebrews and the last to the third son of Noah; Ham.

He said Ewes named some places with some elements of their language based on esoteric setuations.

He said the name Ghana was gotten from a Hyena by name Ga-ana in the Ewe dialect. Under the old Ghana Empire.

According to Togbe, China, which they settled at a time obtained its name from the Ewe words ' Kyi-na' which literally means 'giver of rain' which he claimed was named after a deity who provided them with water during a drought.

He continued by saying that the capital of Sudan, Khartoum was derived from an Ewe word 'Ke-tu-me' which literally means 'sand storm'.

Togbe Kumassah stated that, Khartoum was named after the sand storm that naturally occurs at the Sahara Desert.

He said Kyi-na' is a deity and when ever there is severe drought, they make prayer of supplication to the deity and it gives them rain. That is the God they gave to the people of China.

Togbe Kumassah on the second origin said they were part of the Hebrews and stayed in Egypt before moving to the Palestine. He said the Ewes were there when Nebuchadnezzar Conquered the Hebrews and brought them to Babylon. But during the attack on Palestine some group escaped and it was the Ewes that escaped.

When they escaped, some of them came back to Egypt and from Egypt they moved to Sudan where they stayed in Khartoum.

The Sahara Desert has the rocky part, the stony part and the sandy part. Ketum means sandstorm. ‘Ke’ is sand and storm ‘ahum’. Because there is a sandstorm, they said the sand is forming a storm so inside the sandstorm, according to Togbe.

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