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Each Child Is Given 97pesewas Food A Day For The School Feeding Program - Caterers Demand More Money

The people of Akrade in the Eastern region are calling on Government to intervene in school feeding programs in their area. According to one of the caterers, Madam Kate Obeng who cooks for 300 pupils in Akrade Presby School, they are provided with an amount of 97 pesewas per student for a day.

This amount is calculated according to the number of days they cook and pay to them each term. She said each day, they fill a form which is used to track their working days and they are paid according to that. She said 97 pesewas is not enough to provide quality meals for the children so they cook meals without any fish or meat.

She said irrespective of this, the total amount they are to be given (calculated using 97pesewas per child) for the term always reduces to over GHS 1000 less the amount they are supposed to receive. Again, the monies are not paid on time. She said in their contract, they are to receive the money before the term begins.

However, this is not the case. The NPP women organizer in the area then has to borrow money for them to cook for the children. They have made several complaints to the district, but the officer in charge always tells the fault is from the Regional so there is nothing they can do about it.

Madam Kate Obeng said that if the situation is not rectified, they will stop cooking for the children. Several concerns have been raised concerning the School Feeding Program and citizens demand that the Government respond positively to it.  

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