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Avraham Ben Moshe descends on Muslims observing Ramadan

Founder and leader of Common Sense Family, Avraham Ben Moshe, (CSF) has heavily fired some Muslims observing Ramadan whiles doing unspeakable things during different times.

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. Muslims observe the month of Ramadan, to mark that Allah, or God, gave the first chapters of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast, abstain from pleasure and pray to become closer to God. It is also a time for families to gather and celebrate.

According to Avraham Ben Moshe, he doesn't fandom why some Muslims are observing Ramadan and keeping it Holy whiles ignoring the other months.

Avraham uncovered that after he had told Muslims to go to a fellow free thinker, Sethoo, who used to be a Muslim for a debate for he no longer debates with Muslims, he received threat messages from some Muslims who claimed they were going to deal with him after Ramadan.

Avraham argued some Muslims don't know the true meaning of Islam. According to him, Islam is about submitting to Allah. And so far most Muslims only do that during Ramadan while ignoring the other months.


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