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Surely it has ended in 'tears' as Ima reveals things are not working with him and Frema [DATE RUSH]

Social media users made a prediction about the relationship of Ima and Frema that, it will end in tears and it looks like things have begun to manifest already. In Season 5 episode 8, Ima was lucky enough to 'restore his lost glory' after he was rejected by Noella. The rejection of Noella made him to literally cry on stage despite him showing to her that he was in love.

But the tears were wiped away when Frema chose him. He became very happy and danced his heart out with Frema like nobody's business. Looking at the way things are going, Ima's relationship with Frema is on the verge of crashing because he has revealed that it is not working.

Ima said he has tried his possible best to make things happen but to no avail. When he calls or texts, Frema doesn't reply so he doesn't know what is happening. He again revealed that, after the show they were talking alright but immediately they went to their various homes, when he texts her on WhatsApp, she will come and read without replying. According to Ima, he really likes Frema but she is not making things to come into realisation. Has the prediction of social media users come to pass?

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