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Video: ' Body No Be Firewood ', Grandma Says As She Confessed Using The Cucumber Outrageously

This article features an elderly who used a cucumber which was kept in a freezer for an outrageous act.

A family of four could be seen sitting in a living room to have a good quality time. During the course of their conversation, they were served a big cucumber to eat.

While eating the only son of the family who was present complained of an unpleasant smell on the slice of cucumber which was served to him. He was later seconded by his dad who also confirmed the usual smell of the cucumber.

During the course of this argument, the mother of th boys don't seem to notice or Know what was going on while grandma was busily eating her own slice of the cucumber which was served to her. Upon further interrogation from grandma to know where the cucumber was picked from, grandma confessed of using the cucumber to satisfy herself by saying, " Body no be firewood." Which means she also have feelings.


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