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Ghanaians "Blast" Muntaka For Referring To Some NDC Members As "Latter Days Supporters Of NDC"

The honorable Member of Parliament for the Asawaase constituency, Honorable Muntaka Mubarak Mohammed, has caused a massive stir on social media after he referred to some Ghanaians who support the National Democratic Congress as Latter Days Supporters. He was specifically referring to those who throw heavy backlashes at the minority leadership of Parliament for letting things go freely.

Speaking on Angel FM in Kumasi, Muntaka Mubarak explained the dynamics that made the minority caucus boycott parliamentary proceedings.

"It pains me very much when an NDC who does not know the policy we have made, criticizes us. Most of these people have not seen the standing orders nor have they read the 1992 constitution. You do not know anything about what we are doing.", he fired.

This made Ghanaians blast him massively. Some Ghanaians told him point-blank that had it not been for these "latter days supporters of the NDC", he would not have won his seat. Others also vowed to make him lose his seat.

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