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10 Steps–Some Good Habit To Help Make Your Hair Longer And Stronger, Every Lady's Heart Desire

The pride of every lady is mostly based on the hair, read carefully to know how to make your hair longer and stronger in some few steps. 

1. Combing, when you are combing your hair, don't start from the top but rather begin combing at the tip of your hair.

2. After a shower, don't comb wet hair but rather wait for it to dry before combing.

3. Don't use the massaging comb tangle up, but rather use the coarse toothed comb to untangle your hair. 

4. Wash your comb twice a week, and even if possible try to change it frequently.

5. Don't comb your hair in a sharp manner or faster mode, but rather lowering your hair will improve blood circulation, and comb it slowly.

6. For easy combing, get a hair spray.

7. Make sure you nourishes your hair with hair oil to make it smooth for combing.

8. Use coconut oil as your conditioner, Avocado oil for nourishment and caster oil for quick growth. 

9. Get an onion, blend it and drain all the juice by straining it with a strainer. 

10. Get your self a Vaseline and mix the mixture together and apply it to your hair frequently for long and stronger hair growth.

When you follow this steps you will experience a longer and healthy hair.

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