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GMB 2021 finalists: who is the least beautiful among the six most beautiful? (Opinion)

Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Ghana's Most Beautiful reality show has reached its final stage with six ladies going for the grand finale on 3rd October. These are Wedaga, Setor, Safoa, Mfodwo, Manu and Akosua.

Beauty, they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. And we all know that the contest is not all about physical beauty but other things such as emotional expressions, intelligence, smartness, composure, eloquence and most importantly, votes play major roles to determine who becomes Ghana's Most Beautiful.

1. Setor, Volta region

Voltarians are naturally beautiful and so is Setor, the only medical doctor in the contest. However, I observed she lacked good posture whenever she was on stage. She positioned herself at ease which is unacceptable for a beauty contest. Her smiles are non-contiguous as she appeared like crying instead. It's important her producers encourage the No.9 contestant to relax her face whenever she is on stage.

2. Mfodwo, Bono East region

Mfodwo is a beautiful girl from the Bono East region. She is intelligent and smart. She comport herself while on stage. She is however too soft and calm on stage. A little amount of aggressiveness is required in beauty contests such as this. Unfortunately, Mfodwo is lacking in this area.

3. Manu and Akosua

The author has little to say about the beauty of the western and Oti regional representatives. It is undeniable fact that they are very beautiful and smart. They were not counted among the best performers from the beginning. However due to their consistency and smartness, they have surprisingly made it to the finals. They may have to put in much more efforts to make it to the first three on the grand finale.

4. Wedaga, Upper East

Wedaga is equally beautiful. Her bossy forehead makes her a symbol of the rock city, the Bolgatanga. She is smart and very eloquent. Her smiles are very contagious. She rocked the stage in styles giving her audience something new every night. No wonder she is the only contestant to have won both star performer and most eloquent in a single night. Wedaga's only limitation is that she seems to rush during presentations. Even though she hasn't suffered much from this, it is important she works on her attitude on stage before it cost her.

Wedaga is arguably the most likely winner of the overall prize. The closest to her is Safoa.

5. Safoa, Ashanti region

Safoa is a typical example of Ashanti beauty. She is dark and lovely. Her height makes her the tallest among her colleagues in the house. She is always smiling on stage and critisizes constructively according to her designers. Safoa's only limitation is pride which is not the fault of hers but the region she comes from. She is very close to the crown.

From the foregoing and in the opinion of the author, all the six contestants are beautiful. However, Safoa of Ashanti region appears the most beautiful with Setor of Volta region as the least. The rest are arranged from bottom to top in terms of most beautiful to least beautiful.Kindly take to the comments section to also share your opinion.

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