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"We will turn the police station into a guest house" - Aggressive Denkyira youth sends words to IGP

Police services are one of the best things Ghanaians can heavily boast of. This is because the police help to maintain peace and stability in the country as well as in the local villages and the communities.

The Government of Ghana is making everything possible to sustain the massive work of police personnel in Ghana.

Just this afternoon, the youth in Denkyira are very aggressive about how they have been denied on several occasions the work of the police personnel in Ga South.

According to the people of Denkyira, the government have set up a complete structure for police officers to be placed there to perform their duties diligently. However, about 7 years now no police officer has ever come to Ga South to stay there and work as a police officer.

This is very sad as issues of robbery and rape are on high within the areas of Denkyira and its environs.

"Police IGP and the government should give us police officers who will come and stay in the police station that has been built for the past 7 years now. If this did not work out, we will turn the police station into a guest house where we can rent it to strangers and make money out of it. It is very sad to have a police station with no police officers for the past seven years in Denkyira" - Aggressive youth lament as they send words to Police IGP and Government to give them police officers as soon as possible.

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