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Two Student Fight Like Boxers In KNUST.

Two students in kwame nkrumah University of Ghana are fighting like Jet Li and Jack chan infront of their private hostel.

Stephen and Amos are all in level 400 pursuing Civil engineering and Medical laboratory science respectively.

And their girlfriend is also in level 300 hospitality management, the slay Queen manage to date the two of them for almost three year without being caught.

Amos provides the girl everything she need even when he dont have money. But it seems the girl dont loves him, the demand from the girl to Amos was very high because she use to feed Stephen.

According to the girls room mate, Stella has been cheating Amos for a long time but because they are ladies she can't tell Amos, and she said Stella rather spent on Stephen.

Stephen usually comes to their hostel even more than Amos, she came and even spent the night with them, So this girl decided to tell Amos because it was annoying.

So the room mate Amos and he asked her girlfriend but she denied but the room mate told him to come to their hostel in a specific day and time.

He went there and met Stephen and Stella on her bed where Stephen was wearing Amos shirt which annoys him, so he started insulting Stephen.

Stephen slaps Amos and the fight started in the room and came outside of the hostel. This fight goes on for almost one hour.

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