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My Grandmum Wore Her Wedding Dress After 63 Years: The Secret To A Happy And Longlasting Marriage.

Marriage is a formally recognised union between two parties who agree to spend and enjoy life together. It is also seen as a contract between two parties. Of late we hear of marriages breaking up in weeks, months and some even end after many years of toiling together and we don't know whether to call such short term marriages as contracts.

Most marriages end up as a result of unresolved conflicts between the two couples. Marriage is a world where gratitude, understanding, tolerance, apologies and forgiveness is to be found predominantly but if the married couples refuse to allow these virtues to reign, it will be very difficult to maintain your partner for a long time.

Before you even agree to be with someone what do you look out for? Do you also prepare yourself to meet the person you are hoping comes your way? Do you have principles governing your life? It shouldn't be about the other person only. Build yourself too. Marriage is a two way affair so if you want a wealthy person to marry and you don't know how to manage wealth, you might be of little significance to the person in the end. So what you might want to do is learn and practice how wealth is managed and so on.

Look out for someone you share the same believes with or who share the same believes with you. You wouldn't want to end up arguing all the time. Certain petty arguments can be avoided. Marriage is not all about emotions and romance, a lot come into play.

Let's look at forgiveness, for instance when you find it difficult to apologise for the wrong you do or something your partner deemed wrong, it only breeds resentment and you'll begin to look ugly in the sight of your partner. Accepting your wrong and receiving forgiveness is beautiful and it's something that is going to happen frequently so you don't need to get tired apologising and forgiving.

After you receive forgiveness, try as much as possible not to repeat that same mistake again and again. If it's a habit you already built up in previous years before meeting your partner, talk to your spouse about it and see how best you both can help each other on that.

Getting to understand each other is also key to a happy and longlasting marriage. Even though your minds might not meet on certain issues, it doesn't mean you can't understand each other. To understand your partner's point of view, you must learn to listen well. Most couples don't listen, they only love to talk. Get to know your partner well, if he or she is the talking type, you must also learn to be a listener to bridge the gap.

All these can be found in your marriage when you choose unconditional love over lust because so many couples rush into marriage because of how handsome or rich the partner is forgetting about all these virtues. As you look for a partner who is patient, understanding, peaceable, caring and all that also acquire these virtues so that you both can enjoy the marriage.

This is a touching story of a young guy who posted his grandmother wishing her a happy 63rd anniversary in her marriage. The grandmother amazingly wore her wedding dress when she was first getting married and it fitted her perfectly.

Marriage is a lifelong relationship that needs nurturing and caregiving. Marriages that have happy endings don't just happen, it takes a lot of sacrifices. Yes, you can also enjoy your marriage for life.

Timeless and unconditional love is real... Do you believe in that?

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