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Meet the lady who got fat because of Asthma (Nneka Agbanusi)

This article is going to talk about a lady who got fat because she had asthma growing up. The symptoms we all know about being asthmatic is the asthmatic attack where the individual finds it difficult to breath and they mostly use an inhaler in critical condition. But this lady's issue is different.

Nneka Agbanusi is the name. She is 31 years old. She is known to be someone who dances and most of her dance moves are posted on social media platforms. From an interview with Nneka, she receives a lot of comments when she posts a video of herself dancing and the comments most of the times are comments that hurts Soo much but what keeps her moving is other comments that shows how others are impressed and also inspired. " I do not look down on myself when people pass bad comments about how fat I have become, others say I do not exercise and eat healthy foods" she said.I do eat well and do well to exercise most of the time so I can be fit and healthy.

From Nneka she was very slim in her younger age an due to health conditions she was diagnosed of being asthmatic. Her parents did take good care of her but it was to no avail, "my situation got worse and worse by the day so doctors recommend some medication to her (steroids) and as she time went by I began to add weight uncontrollably" she added. She did all weight loss remedies given by friends and family but things remained the same.

When she met the love of her life,she has come to appreciate herself. She mentioned that the boyfriend is all she wished for, he encourages her ,he loves her Soo much and above all he is always there for him. In concluding the interview,she added that no one should ever look down on his/herself and live a happy life.

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