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He was dating me alone but got two women pregnant and he developed some bad habits

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I am Abigail Boatemaa, my parents claim I am an Ashanti but I have never been to the Ashanti Region before because I had lived my whole life in the Volta Region. I currently reside in Accra, Tabora specifically and that was as a result of my boyfriend who convinced me to move in the capital city in 2014.

This started when I was in Tapaman Senior High School with my boyfriend, and it got to a time where I realized I had conceived after making a pregnancy test. I discussed it with my parents and introduced my boyfriend to them but they didn’t support my decision so I had to move with my man to Accra to hustle. My boyfriend and I planned on making money individually but spending it together. The reasons why my parents rejected my man was because he was a rastafarian.

I even forgot that I was pregnant because I was not experiencing signs and symptoms of pregnancy and two months later, I run another test with the pregnancy kits and it indicated that I was not pregnant. I was heart broken and relieved at the same time.

With all our struggles, my boyfriend still my broke my heart in a devastating manner. One day I was hustling on the streets of Accra when I got a call from my sister telling me my boyfriend has got another girl pregnant. When I got home my friend also called me and providing the same information. So I called my man, Yaw and told him I had a dream and in the dream a lady claimed that he was responsible for her pregnancy and I should also leave him alone or else she would kill me.

My boyfriend didn’t say anything and just hanged up on me. I began to have doubts so his mother called me to confirm the two pregnancy and also begged for my forgiveness. I forgave him but after some months he developed some bad habits of womanizing and drinking. He even brought a small girl who he claimed was a family friend but was chopping her anytime I left for work. I then broke up with him.

Should I have forgiven Yaw for his indecent behaviour. Thanks for reading. Please don't forget to like and share it article, also leave your comments below.

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