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Steps To Block Loan Messages: All The Details

Many workers on the payroll of controller and accountant general can attest to the fact that each day they receive at least three messages from loan officers and financial officers. It's sometimes good for some workers to use these numbers to go for loan but to other workers, it becomes a nuisance.

How Do Loan Companies And Get Hold Of The Numbers?

Have you ever imagined how these loan and insurance companies get access to your phone number? The managers of Epayslip sell-out data to these companies which later tend to send nuisance messages to workers.

Messages are only sent to phone numbers on the E-payslip portal therefore this is what people who want to put an end to receiving nuisance messages are urged to follow these steps to change the phone number on the portal.

Some Previous Ways of Blocking The Messages

1.Construct a message beginning with the Keyword “BLOCK”

Construct a message with Block as the keyword, leave a space and type the phone number or sender ID you want to block (example: BLOCK 1111). After that, send the message to the shortcode 1309. You will receive a message if you succeed in doing so. Yet the above don't seem to work.

After trying several ways to block the E-loans nuisance messages, we have researched to find a permanent solution that will help government workers to avoid these messages broadcasted by these loans and insurance companies. Although it is a long procedure to follow, it will do persons good if they follow the steps outlined below.

 Individuals are to note that in changing the phone number, it should be replaced by a phone number which you don't usually use. This will help divert all nuisance messages to the said number.

Steps To Stop The E- Loan Messages Permanently

1. Log on to

2. On the Epayslip Dashboard, select change Phone Number

3. Complete the form that pop up by entering the new phone number

4. Confirm it and click on next to effect the change.


Persons are urged to note that phone numbers can be changed once every

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