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How "April Fool" Came About and Why People Celebrate it

Everyone has once ‘fooled’ a friend or loved one or have been ‘fooled’ by a friend or loved before on April 'fools’ day. But, have you ever wondered how ‘April fool' came about?

Every 1st April is celebrated as an “April fool’s” day across the world. It is mostly celebrated to make fun of people. One may even go to the extent of traveling several kilometers only to be told it’s an “April fool’s” day.

Can you ever imagine waking up early in the morning to a phone call that someone closer to you needs your presence? You get there and you are told it’s ‘April fool’. It’s painful right? However, it becomes interesting if you are the one who initiated the plan.

How ‘April fool’ came about

So what at all brought this ‘April fool’ and why do people celebrate it? Well, before 1752, New Year’s day was celebrated on every 25th March instead of the current 1st January. However, it got to a time where the New Year was postponed to eight days after 25th March(thus it was postponed to 1st April). So meaning, the New Year’s day was then celebrated on every 1st April instead of the then 25th March. 

In the year 1582, Pope Gregory III declared that the New Year’s day was to be celebrated on every 1st January instead of 1st April because a lot of religious groups were postponing their New Year’s celebrations. The people of Great Britain however did not accept the declaration of the Pope to celebrate New Year’s day on 1st January so they continued to stick with the 1st April. Nevertheless, in 1751, the parliament of Great Britain made a rule to accept 1st January as New Year’s day starting from 1752. As a result of this, on 1st April of that year, a lot of mock celebrations were made to people who forgot that the New Year’s day has been shifted from 1st April to 1st January and so celebrated the New Year’s day on 1st April.

This has been the trend since 1752 and has become a normality that people still make mock celebrations up till date.

So, what is your worst mockery incident that ever happened on “April fool’s day”? Drop it down in the comments section.

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