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Who is better, Brandon Routh Superman or Henry Cavil Superman?

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No doubt They both are incredible at the job of Superman, yet for totally various reasons. So for the examination I will base the predominance of one entertainer (and their individual movie(s)) on comic precision, and not whether I for one like them better. 

I will rate each in two major classifications: 

• Looks - in view of comic precision 

• Characterization - does he act like Superman? 

In case you're interested, I for one appreciate Henry Cavill more as Superman

Brandon Routh, no inquiry. He really had the option to play Superman. Twice! 

Brandon Routh's Superman was the consequence of a reboot on the exemplary Christopher Reeve execution in the 1978 "Superman: The Movie " 

Brandon is basically proceeding with that film in 'Superman Returns', that delivered in 2006 to pretty inviting audits. 

One thing that I can say this film quickly got excessively all around was the outfit. Despite the fact that when straightforwardly converted into genuine the suit looks more accommodating and not as boss and threatening, you can't contend that this is a suit that is torn directly from the pages of your comic book. 

Brandon Routh himself resembles the Man of Steel (and Christopher Reeve), in any event in the face. He is presumably the slimmest Superman we've gotten on screen, however his look overall is funny precise.

I'm actually holding on to check whether Henry Cavil will get an opportunity to really play Superman. 

Four unique movies, indeed, truly three, and Cavill has been controlled to a wannabe, a foil, a deus ex machina, an aimless super-being who doesn't have a clue how to save anybody with one exemption. Cavill was given a job that is as far as anyone knows Superman, however deconstructed direct there is only an "S" safeguard. . .furthermore, it takes significantly more than that to be Superman.

Henry Cavill 

Henry Cavill's Superman was conceived out of the endeavor by Warner Brothers to launch their realistic universe. 

'The Man of Steel ' was delivered to basic tepid audits yet incredible crowd rankings in June of 2013. 

To the extent looks go, Henry Cavill all around is generally excellent for the job. He appears as though he can pack that punch, something that Routh sadly doesn't have. 

His suit anyway is a more coarse, reasonable, form of the exemplary red and blue suit. This suit certainly fits the tone and shading bed of the film, yet doesn't actually fill in as irrefutably the most comic exact suit ever. 

It is more much the same as the advanced versions of Superman around the New 52 period a forward, with to a greater degree a belt as beautification instead of the back to front undies

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