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Date Rush Star - Fatima Is Really Glowing. Check Out Some Charming Pictures Of Her.

Brighten the corner wherever you may find yourself - Fatima has really brighten the opportunity she ever had on the date rush show.

The date rush is a TV3 reality show which pave way for single individuals within some age range to look for love.

The season 4 and 5 of the date rush gave room to Fatima to ever mount on the stage to find love.

People come and go on the show but Fatima is an exceptional because of her unique personal traits - her hairstyle choice of clothing and her super dance moves.

Fatima became the people's favorite because of her unique manners anytime she appears on the show - in fact every household's topic after each episode.

Despite all the beautiful ladies on the date rush show Fatima stood up tall to be star of show - season 4 and 5 because of her unique lifestyle.

Beautiful is even an understatement to describe Fatima at the very moment because she looked so amazing and super gorgeous.

Surprisingly Fatima had a date on the date rush show and the both of them are ever happily reading the chapters of their love story.

Fatima happen to a singer - upcoming musician.

The good news is that the TV3 Date Rush show have actually given Fatima some limelight in her ever dreamed of becoming a musician in Ghana and across.

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