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According to the GSS report, the highest-paid employee in the public sector receives GH33,000.

According to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), the highest-paid employee in the public sector earns GH33,855 a month.

According to GSS, the amount is over 81 times greater than the lowest-paid employee's net wage, which is GH418.

Employees in the public sector make an average monthly net compensation of GHC 2,594. The net income of the lowest paid employee (GH418) is about 81 times higher than the highest earner's take-home pay of GH33,855, according to the GSS's report.

The top 10% of employees with the highest net wages make about 22 percent of the total net compensation, according to the GSS research "Ghana 2022 Earnings: Inequality in the Public Sector." Only one-third of the employees, or half, make as much as the total net salary.

According to the survey, Greater Accra Area public sector employees are paid more than their colleagues in other regions.

While some employees of the public sector receive an average monthly net wage of GH3,142, others in the North East Region only receive GH2,212, according to the GSS.

Greater Accra has the highest monthly average net salary (GH3,142), while the North East has the lowest (GH2,212), according to the research from GSS.

In the survey, GSS also noted that men earn an average monthly net wage of GHS 2,669 compared to GHS 2,504 for women.

The average net salary difference between men and women is 165 Ghana shillings. The gender pay gap is 6.0 percent as a result of this. Women earn an average of GH2,504 per month, while men earn an average of GH2,669 per month. According to the report, women's monthly net salaries are lower than men's in all 16 regions.

According to the GSS's report, there is a 5.0 percent pay gap between men and women in the Central Region.

Men earn on average GH348 more than women for employees in the Upper West region, where the disparity is greatest. There is a 13% pay gap between men and women. The gap between men and women is the smallest in the Central Region, where women earn 124 percent less than men. According to the GSS's report, this results in a pay gap of 5.0 percent between men and women.

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