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"Unnecessary and complete waste of time" - Lawyer Ndebugre fumes over Anti- LGBTQI bill

Private legal practitioner, John Ndebugre, has berated the anti-LGBTQI+ bill, now before parliament, labeling the bill as, “absolutely unnecessary” and a complete waste of everybody’s time. “We do not make laws based on speculation”.

Mr. Ndebugre, who was a former Member of Parliament (MP) for Zebilla, said the anti-LGBTQI+ campaigners were misleading the country and that what the “proper human sexual rights and the Ghanaian family values bill” was saying was that “do not ever associate if you are persons of the same gender and I cannot support such a situation”, adding that, the choice of LGBTQI+ persons was a fundamental human right.

“It is in the Constitution that you can make a choice to associate with anybody you want.”

The bill, he noted, was based on presumptions – the bill “speculates that if I associate with another man, the purpose is for us to have sex, we don’t make laws based on speculation.

This comes as parliament’s constitutional, legal and parliamentary affairs committee begins public hearings on the over 150 memoranda it has received in support and against the passage of the bill into law.

Lawyer Akoto Ampaw, is among those who have appeared before the committee to make a case why the anti-LGBTQI+ bill must be shot down.

He raised valid and very interesting constitutional matters, arguing that under Article 108; (sections two and three), it is the President or his agents who can introduce bills in parliament that impose a charge on the Consolidated Fund or any public fund.

Any bill that is going to impose a charge on the consolidated or any public fund cannot therefore come in the name of a private member’s bill.

He also argued that the “proper human sexual rights and the Ghanaian family values bill” was a violation of fundamental human rights provisions in the Constitution, in that, it stigmatized the LGBTQI+ community.

The Ghana AIDS Commission, represented by its Director-General, Steve Atuahene, warned that, the bill, if passed into law would force gays to go underground, preventing them from accessing life-saving drugs something, that was going to lead to a spike in HIV-AIDS infections.

Countries that have passed similar laws are seeing troubling rise in HIV-AIDS infections.

Apostle Ofori Kuragu, representing the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, which is pro-LGBTQI+ bill, said its passage would affirm the human rights of all Ghanaians and protect the most vulnerable against the influence of those into LGBTQI+ practice.

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