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I want to say yes to your proposal but your thing is too small for me - Lady’s excuse

Many of us if not all have heard of a saying that goes nobody knows tomorrow and also, everyday has its own stories right? Well today Dimaskinosnews is bringing to you one embarrassing news of one guy who thought it wise to propose marriage to his girlfriend at a market place. The outcome was very disappointing for him and the reason for that is really funny but shocking, now the details.

In Africa or Ghana specifically, a lady is expected to move from her parental home to that of her husband before a certain age and this has brought about some level of societal pressure on most women.

This has made a lot of women to go to church to pray to God for a husband and some also are doing everything possible to get a man as her husband. Whiles some find it difficult to meet this societal demand, others too have it very easy without even expecting nor working towards it but instead of embracing the good news, they tend to disappoint the good news bearers. An example is this woman in question.

In a video sighted by Dimaskinosnews on Instagram, a lady in front of a hand bag shop was seen being proposed to by her alleged boyfriend. This was met by a lot of cheering from on lookers at the premises that seemed to be a motivator for the proposing man. Well, the lady instead of being happy and hurriedly stretching out her left hand in acceptance of the proposal rather did the opposite and said no she cannot accept the proposal.The embarrassed man asked for the reason for the declined proposal and what he was told may break him down inwardly as a man in relation to women s3xually.

He was told that his police stick was too small. In the video the woman said” I love you and want to say yes but you thing is too small for me”. The heartbroken man stood up quietly on his feet and uttered no word again till the video ended.

But was she right to explain her reason in public? And also it is not his fault for having such size and also, the organ can be grown. Maybe too the problem may not be that the man has a small distin but rather the woman is huge and long if you get what I mean.

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