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How To Make Her Want You Badly: 5 Tips To Get Her Back

Relationships of all different stages can come to a point when the spark is seemingly gone. Perhaps it was never there, and you’re watching her from afar wishing you could be with her, or you’ve been married for several years, but you don’t sleep in the same bed anymore. Every relationship is, of course, varied and different, but there are some simple things that can make her want you – either again, or for the first time when dating. These original 5 tips are for everyone!

Tip 1: Have your own sense of independence

The number one thing that keeps women sexually attracted to men is confidence. This doesn’t mean being cocky, full of yourself and vain. There’s a level of having too much confidence that is toxic, for both you and others around you. Women don’t want to date egotistical men, they want to date confident men. Men that know themselves. You have to find that confidence that is somewhere in the middle. You’re sure of what you want and what you need, but you’re not completely blinded by your own self-importance and arrogance.

The kind of confidence that women find sexually attractive is when you value yourself and the things that you want in life, and that means having your own sense of independence. When you value yourself, you set boundaries in the relationship, you’re firm in your decisions, and you let her know what you want or don’t want. You continue to value the things you always valued even before you met her, like your career and your family. Your life and your interests shouldn’t revolve 100% around her. Continue to foster your own interests and passions.

The minute she loses sexual desire for you is the moment she feels you’re dependent on her. Women are attracted to strength and when you don’t have strength as a man, women may not value you as much as you want to be heard and given attention. You’ll be wondering how to make her want you more – like you’re probably wondering right now. Step back for a moment and ask yourself if you’re a needy boyfriend and need to give you and her some space, or if you’re confident and are developing your own interests and passions.

At the end of the day, you want to be taken care of, too – whether that be sexually or emotionally. Having a partner that can be there for you means you need to show that side of strength, and what comes with that is having your own independence. You don’t have to have all the money in the world to make a woman want you more. You just have to be more of yourself and love yourself.

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