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Why Ghanaians love sports betting

Ghana is a country with a love for sports in all its shapes. In Ghana, you’re likely to find crazy fans of football, cricket, volleyball, and others. Many fans also love sports betting as an entertainment game that adds some value to their lives.

There are various factors that can explain why most Ghanaians love betting. Keep reading to understand the main reasons why fuelling the love of betting in Ghana.

High levels of unemployment in the youth population

Stats indicate that in Ghana, around 16 million youth aged 15 to 24 are unemployed. Due to a lack of employment, most of these young folks look for creative ways of earning income. Due to this, betting becomes an easy way that the unemployed youth can earn some cash from their best sports.

Betting also provides an opportunity for many youngsters who are idle not only to be entertained but also to be stimulated as well.

The love for sports 

Just like other sports like football, cricket, and volleyball, Ghanaians also love betting as a game. Due to the love for multiple sports among Ghanaians, betting has also occupied a critical space in their lives. The additional monetary rewards from betting make it more attractive on the continent.


Many Ghanaians love betting because they can play the game on their mobile devices. The use of attractive features on various betting platforms and the fact that there are multiple products, attract many people.

In the past, people used to visit brick-and-mortar casinos to bet. However, things are now changing due to mobile technology that makes betting accessible to many people on the continent.

Many betting companies are now partnering with multiple mobile operators in Africa to link various betting products to mobile money solutions like Orange Money, MPesa, and others. These technologies make betting easy from anywhere, hence attracting many people.

Lenient Laws

Other African nations like Kenya have stringent laws that regulate betting. This includes heavy tax burdens on both players and betting sites. For example, in Kenya, players must pay up to 20% on their winnings! 

Fortunately, in Ghana, the regulatory environment is lenient. Spotting the gap, many of the betting firms of the more developed countries have started to establish their betting businesses in the continent.


Many people venture into betting because they want to use their guessing skills to try their luck. For instance, in sports betting, some individuals have wide knowledge about various teams. Therefore, they want to use their knowledge about specific games to predict and possibly win the bets. 

Multiple betting products

Most betting sites in Africa offer multiple betting products that are attractive to most people in Africa. The companies offer affordable betting products that many youths can purchase easily. The betting companies also offer specific bonuses and other attractive features that easily incentivize the African people.

A form of entertainment 

Betting has become a source of entertainment for many people in Africa. The procedure of playing the game and waiting with bated breath when you’ve placed a bet, are all sources of entertainment that many people like.

So if you haven’t already experienced the thrill of sports betting, what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

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