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Would Hon. Agyapong and Adwoa Sarfo be interviewed through a virtual meeting?- Nehemiah Attigah asks

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This article seeks to provide our readers with information emanating from a reputable opinion leader, the Co-Founder of Odekro PMO Foundation as he expressed concerns about the absence of two MPs who may not be in the country for the Privileges Committee's hearing.

Our readers can recall how various Civil society Organizations and some politicians kept informing Ghanaians about the essence of ensuring that Members that absent themselves from Parliament beyond stipulated must be made to appear before the Privileges Committee of Parliament. The Privileges Committee is meant to commence sittings on Absence of MPs Today, Thursday.

The Co-founder of the Odekro PMO Foundation, Mr. Nehemiah Attigah, has expressed worry about the process as well as the implementation of reports from the Privileges Committee. He has explained how Parliament has not usually sanctioned Members of Parliament who flout the rules and regulations of the house. He, therefore, asked that the Privileges Committee should do a live TV broadcast of the hearing of the four MPs named for absenteeism from Parliament. He also gave information that the Honourable Ken Agyapong and Honourable Lawyer Adwoa Sarfo are presently not in the country to attend the hearing and this must be taken seriously. He advised that the Parliament should find a way to organize a hearing for these two and take strong decisions thereafter.

Mr. Nehemiah Attigah was concerned if the two MPs who are not in the country would be heard via the virtual process. We are monitoring to find out if the answer to his question will be provided and we assure our readers of timely communication when that information is available.

Do you think that the concern of the CSOs should be swiftly responded to? Is there information on how the two MPs would be heard? What is your take on what is happening in Parliament in respect of the absenteeism of some MPs?

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