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How I Grew Up Successfully With a Single parent

Please before reading this article follow me for more articles. It is good to grow up with your both parents, because both of them could give you separate supports, there is a saying that two heads are better than one. To be successful in life will depend on you, your both parent could be alive but if you didn't plan well, you can't succeed in life.

Being a single parent doesn't mean your life has ended, you can do better if you plan well. This is my personal story, at the age 15 when I was in JHS one, my mother called me and ask me to sit down. She told me to forgive her for not telling me what she was going to tell me earlier, she told me my father died when I was one month in her womb, so I don't have a father who will take care of me.

She informed me this one year after a man who married her after the death of my father devoiced her, she told me this because I thought the man was my father so I was trying to go back to him after the man left my mom. She said the reason why they called me Anto is because I didn't meet my father, I started crying when she told me the meaning of my name, she told me not to give up in life. She encourages me to take my education serious even though she don't have enough money to take care of me.

After I completed JHS, my result was good I got school in one of the highest SHS schools in Ghana but I couldn't go. I went to my community school, sometimes after school I have to follow my mom to farm before I could get food to eat, three year later I completed with a good grade. I applied for Nursing Training school and I was picked after three years I completed with the support of my mother. Now I am a Nurse by profession and am now taking care of my 70 year-old-mother.

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