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DATE RUSH REUNION: Desmond Had Made Love So Attractive.

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Paradise is not far from you that is in a fidelity, genuine and a fertile relationship. And here is Desmond and Jennifer, the dua who found Love on Date Rush. They are not giving an inch for an enemy to intrude, but looking for more materials to cement a lovely tower. 

On 27th June. Sunday evening on Date Rush Reunion Show with Giovani, Desmond said everything thing is going on well and they are serious couple. He went to meet her family and they welcome him with kindness. The future is bright with an amazing woman, they are hoping for marriage. 

"I keep using the word amazing because she is the real definition of amazing". Desmond said. 

Jennifer has also added that, their love is growing day by day, she falling in love with the right man. So she is never going to leave Desmond for another woman.

And Date Rush fans has wished them well and hope to see them married.

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