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Kente is from both the Ashanti Region and the Volta Region: This is why (Opinion)

There's a controversy going on about whether kente is from the Ashanti region or the Volta region. A lot of people have shared their thoughts and I must say that indeed, we all have different opinions on certain things. With some saying kente is from the Ashanti region, others are saying it is from the Volta region instead. What do you think? But hold on as I'm here to answer your most-asked question.

In my opinion, kente is from both the Ashanti region and Volta region. One might ask; "why both regions and not one of them?

There are two well-known places where kente can be found in Ghana ; in Kumasi, the Ashanti region and Agotime Kpetoe, the Volta region. From the angle of the Ashanti perspective, Kente has its roots in the word "kenten" which means a basket. 

Talking from the direction of the Ewe side, the word “kente” was from the expressions “ke” and “te” which mean spread/open and tighten/press respectively. 

There are two types of kente, namely; the Ashanti kente and the Ewe kente.

From this, we can deduce that kente is from both the Ashanti region and the Volta region.


Hope your question is answered?

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