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Funny Pictures Showing Ways Men Use To Compliment Women With Big Melons And Big Backside

In real life, it is obvious that most men have the courage and the ability to approach attractive and beautiful women that they are attracted to and give them numerous compliments.

But in most or all cases these same men also find it difficult to tell these same women those things they actually see as pleasing and have continuously complimented about them.

These ways men use in sometimes describing and complimenting the attractive and beautiful stature or body women or ladies possess are so hilarious and funny.

Because instead of using the right word or saying actually they want to compliment they end up complimenting on a different part or aspect of the ladies stature and life.

Below are some funny pictures showing how men usedin complimenting what they saw on social media and other areas.

This above Picture shows a very beautiful lady with endowed melons, but the viewer captioned it as nice hairstyle.

And with this picture, the person captioned it as I like the dress. Indeed the dress is nice but is this person really talking about the dress?

And finally, this picture shows two men looking at a women without even blinking their eyes. The woman looks beautiful and curvy with big backside. But the viewer captioned as are they twins? They alike paaa.

The above pictures illustrate some of the ways men use to compliment or appreciate what some women have.

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