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'He gave everything to his students' - Tears flows as Yamfo D/A Basic School teacher is found dead

It was half-past eight in the morning when the teacher on the duty of Yamfo D/A Basic School was nowhere to be found. Barmao Clifford, the 31-year-old Basic Four teacher could not be found anywhere in the school premises to oversee the works of his students as they kept the school tidy. It was over eight forty, students were getting prepared to take their first lessons and Barmao was still nowhere to be found until the second teacher on duty, Micheal Amoah, reported the situation to the headmaster; Mr Seth Bonsu.


After twenty unsuccessful calls to Barmao Clifford, it was arranged for one of the teachers to go check on him if everything was right with him. Michael Amoah, the colleague teacher on duty with Barmao Clifford volunteered to go check on his friend when the headmaster of Yamfo D/A: Seth Bonsu asked someone to go check on Barmao.

Barmao's front doors were all locked from the inside, but the back door window was not. From what seemed to be a heavy entry from the window into the room is what the alleged attackers did before getting access to Barmao. Though it hasn't been confirmed, Barmao may have been attacked while he was still asleep. 

From his backside, few inches away from his spine was where a deep cut was seen. The attacker might have used a sharp object to choke Barmao whiles he slept. Police have not confirmed any weapon used, but from the deep cut holes seen at the back of the deceased Barmao Clifford, it can be said the attackers used a broken bottled glass to murder the Yamfo D/A school teacher. 

Police are still investigating the possible cause of death on what will make someone murder Barmao Clifford. Nothing has been released as of this time as the police keep working behind the clock to solve Barmao's murder. He was murdered around midnight, the Yamfo Police investigators confirmed before taking the body away. 

A deep shock is what we have all witnessed this morning, and it will take years for us to overcome his death. He was the kind that devoted himself to the work and was admired and cherished by everyone he came across. He gave everything to his students and that made his class always recording the highest number of enrollment in each academic year. We will thoroughly miss a good person, the headmaster of Yamfo D/A Basic school, Seth Bonsu said in eulogizing the deceased teacher before his body was taken away to the mortuary.

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