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Between This Four People, Who Leaked TT's Voice Note? Check The Bare Facts.

You must have probably heard the leaked voice note of the veteran actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio, in which he was literally begging for food from Mzgee, an entertainment journalist. 

Per the voice note, which clearly shows it was a private message from Psalm Adjeteyfio to Mzgee, many concluded that, I was the journalist who might have published spread the voice for obvious reasons. However, evidence that points to the contrary is emerging. 

Mzgee, upon hearing the accusations, took to her social media page to tell her side of the story. Her narration has widened the suspicion net to include about three more others who could have embarrassed the actor, either deliberately or otherwise, by leaking the audio. 

According to Mzgee, she sent the audio to the special aid to the Vice President, Gideon Boako. She did so to seek further assistance for TT, as he is popularly called. Mzgee believes strongly that, the Vice President's aid might have spread the audio for political capital. 

In his reply, however, Gideon Boako states clearly that, he rather got the voice note from Mzgee's husband, Ramon Acquah, and not from Mzgee herself. Gideon Boako vehemently denies the allegation. 

It is important to state that, the audio was aired on Despite media's Okay Fm, which was apparently the point of dissemination. 

For now, we are at a point of accusation, denial and curses. But, there are four people we know, and one, among them, had leaked the audio to the radio station. 

One. Psalm Adjeteyfio himself is a candidate. How he has conducted himself over the last few months, with respects to alms begging, show he could do anything to get more aid. He could have leaked his own audio recording to that effect. 

Two. Mzgee. Her response and how strong she went on Gideon Boako makes her somewhat innocent. However, she still remains a suspect.

Three. Mzgee's husband, Ramon Aquah. From all indications, he sent the voice note to the flagstaff house. Could he have sent to more than one person? Very possible. 

Four. Definitely Gideon Boako. His motive is probably political, like Mzgee alleged. We are not sure what capital is therein. 

Who do you think did this further damage to the already battered reputation of the once screen favourite of Ghanaians?

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