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Did you know that Banana Island is where Davido is currently living?

Chief, is a multimillionaire money manager. Davido and his ground father, Adedeji Adeleke, in an image 

Davido made the first page of the diversion news again in 2020 when he moved into a multi-tycoon naira house in Banana Island. Banana Island is one of Nigeria' s and Africa' s generally selective, lavish, and costly neighborhoods. 

Yet, what numerous individuals wear' t acknowledge is that Banana Island and Davido have a more profound bond, one that depends on blood as opposed to simply living there as an affluent man. 

An aeronautical perspective on Banana Island is found in the top picture. A few chateaus on the extravagance island (lower photograph). 

The late boss Adebayo Adeleke, a London-prepared structural architect, planned and assembled the banana-molded Banana Island in Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Davido' s chief, Adedeji Adeleke, is the child of late boss Adebayo Adeleke. This basically implies that Davido is at present living on a private island that was assembled and developed by his granddad. 

Granddad of late Chief Adebayo Adeleke David 

Albeit the island no longer has a place with the Adelekes after it was detracted from Davido' s granddad, the historical backdrop of the incomparable Banana Island is inseparably connected to Davido' s bloodline. So it isn't strange to say that the 28 year old is right now living in the thought and formation of his granddad. 

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