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Social Media Blasts A Guy Who Turned Down Her Girlfriend's Marriage Proposal In Live Video. (Video)

Love is kind, love is sweet, infact it's one of the things that makes people do what they never taught of doing. Pressure from friends, and society stigmatisation can lead people to act in ill manner ways.

In this century, most peoples lives are being ruled by the Internet, what they wear, eat and watch is no longer a secret, we term it "Global Village"

Women propsing marriage to men has become a trend offlate, as a woman all you need is little bit of boldnes and encouragement to confront and do the unimaginable, "unimaginable" relating to a women taking that step.

Twitter trends has been buzzing with a video of a fair young and beautiful lady in a party kneeling down to propose to her long time boyfriend. The crowd presence, with joy and applauds were expecting a "YES" from the guy, but, shame or whatever the reason might be, walked out on her.

The young ladys expression in the 27 seconds video, depicts disgrace, bitterness, disappoint and frustration. In fact as a guy or a lady reading this imagine what it would have been, if this happened to you.

A lady has used the occasion to advise women never to propose because if a man is interested, he will do it himself.

Below are some social media reactions;

...."Obviously the woman did something wrong hence her proposal to close the guy"

"The man is uncivilized, you don't walk on a lady like that. At least hold her and lift her up if even you don't love her"

"We are not humans, how many women have turned down proposals, countless just one turn down from a guy has sudden become motivational word"

"This is why i don’t seeing this stuffs. But also ill count every grain of sand in the ocean before I propose to a man"

"Man got high standards from the look of both ladies"

Whiles others propose this video to be fake, people think the woman did something wrong hence her proposal to close the guy.

Kindly Click on this link to watch VIDEO

What do you make of all this as a reader.

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