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Sad news: see what actually made Nana Ampadu to loss his life.

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Today is exactly 24 hours since one of the legendary Highlife musician in this country died. And it is sad to hear that, a legend who used to bring joy and happiness to the people of Ghana is no more on this earth. And the most painful thing that can happen to any family on this earth is to wake up in the morning to found out that your loved ones are no more with you on this earth. No family on this earth want to see their loved one die. But the family of the legendary Nana Kwame Ampadu has lost him. Most of the people in Ghana knows Nana Kwame Ampadu as Nana Ampadu. Nana Ampadu is one of the best highlife musician in Ghana if not the best. Nana Kwame Ampadu died yesterday, 28th September, 2021. He died at the age of 76. And according to the information reaching us, the the legendary Highlife musician felt had stroke and died out of it. But according to Maame Tiwaa, daughter of Nana Kwame Ampadu, her father could have survive his sickness if only the Ghana Ambulance Service should have done their work well. She said, when her father's sickness went up in the house, she called the Ghana Ambulance Service and more than 3 hours, the Ambulance did not show up. And even when they came after 3 hours time, all they could say is that, Nana Ampadu is dead and the Ambulance doesn't carry dead body.

Maame Tiwaa concluded by stating that, she is going to deal with the Ghana Ambulance Service for causing the death of her father. But Since her father's death was announced, her family members and the good people of Ghana have been mourning till now.

The death of Nana Ampadu has made the people of Ghana be in a state of dilemma which is very hectic. This is so sad and all that we can do for now is to send our condolences to the family of the Nana Ampadu. But for me, I will tell Nana Kwame Ampadu's daughter that, it is sad to loss someone who means a lot to you, but she should come down.

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