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Your ‘Thing’ Is Too Small — Lady Rejects The Proposal Of Her Boyfriend Inside Market Center (Video)

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Relationship these days seems to be switching from (true-love) that existed way back, to base on certain things of late, and those things are money and 'sexual' satisfaction. Some women needs their men to have exact and moderate 'manhood' for them to have the option to fulfill them in 'bed' when they are getting personal.

As a man, your lady will scarcely endure you on the off chance that you have a minuscule manhood down there. The pace of her unloading you or not feeling good around is you is exceptionally high and can even lead her to undermine you. And that is one big problem that has lead to the high rate of girls cheating in their relationship.Well, a particular viral video from Nigeria has surface on the social media and is currently circulating on Instagram. In the video, a young guy who has fallen in-love is seen trying to surprise his girlfriend in public, by proposing to her at a market center but everything went wrong for the guy as the lady rejects the proposal.

This girl had the guts to look straight into the guy's face infront of the whole crowd and told him that, it's not as if she doesn't love him, she really loves him but his 'thing' is too small and she can't cope with it.

I wonder why people still propose to their partners infront of crowd upon countless times that some ladies have been rejecting their guy's proposals publicly, this embarrassment wouldn't have happened if he had proposed privately.

Do you think what the lady did was fair?

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