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She is a 'shameless' woman living in a man's house yet she got all the courage to come to Date Rush

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Date Rush! Everyone deserves love. One lady is still trending in the news for many reasons and this lady is the "curvaceous Date rush Nana Adwoa'. Readers can recall how some Ghanaians were suggesting that Nana Adwoa is a married lady and there should be no justifiable reason for which she should have been on Date Rush to look for love.

There are alleged wedding or engagement pictures of Nana Adwoa and a handsome upcoming musician, and these pictures actually created a series of confusion in the minds of viewers and on social media. Why should viewers be too bothered about whether Nana Adwoa is married or divorced or if she came on stage to get fame?

Readers can also reminisce how Nana Adjoa introduced herself as an owner of a gym and a pub and she wants a date on the show. The guys on stage should have asked themselves why a young lady wanted to entice them with what she owns. In fact, does it even matter if Nana Adwoa has a doctorate degree, and owned all the pubs or gyms in Kumasi?

Social media is currently on fire because Nana Adjoa did not show up for her date. One Capito dropped a funny comment that he thought that when Nana Adjoa gave a last-minute excuse that 'her head ' he was expecting her to sing Kelvyn Boy's song. This is very hilarious.

Other Ghanaians also blasted Nana Adjoa for disappointing her date and playing "smart games' with the young man. For example, Anita Amuzu was angry at Nana Adjoa and referred to her as a Shameless woman to live in her man's house and still put together so much courage to get herself on the Date Rush stage to break some's heart.

Anita further suggested that Nana Adjoa could be doing 'things' behind her husband. Many others found Nana Adjoa's act very disrespectful and she went overboard.

One Collins Abid asked that Nana Adjoa's guy should be compensated for the scam. Many women are worried about why a married woman would claim that she is not married and Mavis Asamoah did not spare Nana Adjoa for her action. One Godwin Mojah also revealed that Nana Adjoa is a married woman with a kid but no one knows her exact reason for getting on the show.

We believe that the Date Rush show loses its value if unqualified contestants come to the stage to act as if they need a date when in actual fact, they do not need one. We should not only appreciate the fun aspect of the show but also see progress in the matches that are done. Kindly follow JUKELAFRICA for more exciting articles. Do you think Nana Adjoa treated Raymond fairly by not turning up on their first date? Is there any reason for her to apologize to TV3, her date, and viewers? Why do you think she resorted to Date Rush in the first place? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

Nana Adwoa on Date Rush

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