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I’m comfortable in Canada, but I’m not happy - Ghanaian Chief based in Canada

Canada-based Ghanaian Chief of Adansi Aboabo Number 2, Nana Ofori Paaben II has stated that he is comfortable abroad but unhappy. 

In an interview on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Nana Ofori indicated that he has not been to Ghana since his last visit in 2017. In response to how life in Canada has been and whether it has helped him, the Adansi Aboabo Chief said travelling abroad has indeed helped him. However, he does not feel safe or happy. 

“It has helped me a lot. If you live abroad, you are comfortable, but you are safe, and you’re not happy too. I’m not happy here. I said I’m comfortable, but I’m not happy. Everyone living abroad is very comfortable, but not happy. They should not deceive themselves. They’re okay, but they’re crying within,” he said. 

Nana Ofori Paaben II explained why he feels unhappy in Canada and believes every foreign national working abroad is unhappy as well. According to him, he works 12 hours a day and works tirelessly because they need to cater for their families back home. 

“The white man pays hourly, and you have no time for rest. Even if your job is close to your home, you still need to wake up at 4 AM. It is tedious. I can say that travelling abroad builds you (with experience). People respect you for just travelling abroad. In our country, we respect people by who they are,” he added. 

Moreover, Nana Ofori advised the youth to shun the idea of selling family property or loan to travel abroad because they won’t be able to settle that debt in a year as many speculate.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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